Learning platform for organizations

Summar.io provides a learning platform for implementing personalised learning strategies for customers as well as partners in the educational market. Summar.io has been designed to give learners, tutors, employers and training organizations unprecedented information and insights into learning, progress and achievements.

Aligning Personal Development with business needs

The need for continuous education and life-long learning is the result of a complex number of factors such as:

  • New skills required for a changing job
  • A need to understand and comply with changing legislation
  • New and emerging information needs to be mastered
  • Insights into scientific or technical facts learned previously that need to be “unlearned” or supplanted
  • The use of new equipment needs to be learned

Summar.io was designed as a platform to support the learning process throughout an individual’s lifetime, through school, study, work and beyond.

Self-directed Learning

Using Summar.io, people can follow courses, workshops or trainings at the pace that fits them best. Summar.io also supports variation in sequence and other preferences like modality and degrees of freedom in navigation. This allows people to setup a learning environment that matches the needs or preferences of anyone. This also allows Summar.io to give precise and optimal feedback regarding progress and performance.

The platform delivers a wide range of benefits:

Follow training any-time, any-where

Summar.io is a secure, cloud-based system that can be accessed and used using most modern devices that support one of the leading internet browsers.

Training tuned to reflect the individual’s goals and interests

A fundamental objective is to use the latest technology to deliver highly personalized education and training efficiently and effectively.

Easy to integrate with related 3rd party systems e.g. H.R., compliance reporting, procurement

The architecture is data-driven and supports full data level integration with complementary systems. It can be configured to support most didactic approaches to learning and makes no assumptions regarding the structure of the organization providing or facilitating training. Wherever possible, open standards are adhered to. The platform is seamlessly integrated with both Microsoft Office 365 and Google’s G Suite.

Allow learners to make progress at the maximum speed they are capable of

Summar.io builds a dynamic pro le of each learner that together with the learner’s learning objectives and the available, corresponding learning materials, is used to deliver a learning path and recommend learning materials that are suited to each learner’s abilities, interests and preferences. Adaptive personalization has been demonstrated to improve motivation and yield better learning performance.

Tutor involvement can be focused where it is most needed

Tutors are presented with a wealth of real-time and analytic information regarding individual and group progress as well as performance. This allows tutors to focus on individuals or groups that require support or intervention in their self-directed progress.