Learning Platform for Schools

There is no single best approach to learning that suites everyone. We believe that learning is inherently personal and that any approach to learning needs to be tailored to the individual. We therefore designed Summar.io: an open learning platform with an emphasis on personalized learning.

Shared insights into learning

To get the best out of each and every student, teachers and students need insight into their respective learning path, performance and characteristics. Summar.io provides a wealth of analytics information that provides in-depth insights and overviews regarding the development of groups and/or individual students. Insights are also shared with students themselves and form a key aspect of personal coaching. Summar.io has therefore been designed to support teachers, no-matter what pedagogy they use to successfully deliver their course.

– Which students are struggling?
– Where are they struggling?
– Why are they struggling?


Personalization improves motivation

Summar.io adapts to the learning objectives, needs and preferences of each individual. It tailors how curricula, learning materials and the learning environment to deliver a motivating and challenging learning experience.

Learning materials from multiple sources

Summar.io aggregates learning material from multiple sources and presents it as one comprehensive, consistent arrangement; it also allows educational institutions to enhance and add new material simply. All learning materials are analyzed and characterized in terms of the learning objective(s) addressed, level and other factors for associating it with an individual’s learning path. Summar.io’s personalization technology also uses recommendation algorithms to recommend the optimal learning material for each student. The learning path of each student is constructed and monitored, based on the actual material selected and followed.