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Personalisation improves motivation

Summar.io adapts to the learning objectives, needs and preferences of each individual. It tailors how curricula, learning materials and the learning environment to deliver a motivating and challenging learning experience.

Insights in learning

To get the best out of each and every student, teachers need insight into their learning path, performance and characteristics. Summar.io provides a wealth of analytic information that provides in-depth insights and overviews regarding the development of groups of- and individual-students.

The data regarding individuals and their personal performance are an important source of information for analyses. The security and privacy of such information has been designed and engineered into Summar.io as a priority from its inception.

The intuitive dashboards and insightful analyses that are shared between students and teachers are key aspects of personal coaching. Summar.io also supports new types of dialogue between students and teachers.

Learning lines

Summar.io defines learning lines, based on learning objectives and to monitors the knowledge and skills that a student has acquired as he or she navigates this path through the necessary learning materials and working methods. Summar.io can, if required, be configured to define learning lines that are appropriate to specific educational systems or institutions.

Units of learning

There is considerable variation between the skills, knowledge and objectives associated with any subject. And the optimal approach to learning may also vary a lot between individual learners. Summar.io makes use of didactic learning units to provide comparative, structured overviews where there are considerable variations. Summar.io includes clear templates, tools and analytic reports to contextualize variations and allow multiple learning environments, based on individual student’s ability, skills, preferences and needs.


Differentiated, personalized, adaptive ...

Summar.io assumes no preference and makes no assumptions regarding didactic approaches or the organization. A variety of didactic strategies are supported, ranging from differentiated to adaptive that go further than just personalization. The Summar.io platform adapts to each subject and the associated learning objectives, knowledge and skill requirements.


Teaching and Organising

Teaching and guidance remain essential to the success of personalized learning, although they are also changed by it. Summar.io offers educators a new generation of tools, resources and insights to support the development of students. The differing levels of self-guidance that may be applied, raise new organizational and administrative challenges. Summar.io goes beyond fixed classes, curricula and schedules, it has been developed to support change in education and to help institutions adapt.

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