London, UK – will be presented at London’s 2018 BETT Show from 24th – 27th January 2018. The BETT Show is the world’s largest education event. will provide information and give demonstrations of our open, personalized learning platform at the stand of The Dutch School (F150). The Dutch School is showcasing new technologies, pioneerd in the Netherlands.

Visitors of the BETT Show can discover the benefits and opportunities offered by and gain insights into:

  • how individuals can navigate and progress through a curriculum, based on their particular abilities and speed;
  • how learning materials from multiple sources can be selected to suit each students’ objectives, preferences and needs;
  • how students and teachers benefit from immediate feedback regarding progress and deep insights into the learning process;
  • how teachers can focus their attention where it will yield the most benefits
  • how students get the most up-to-date and relevant learning materials.

The Dutch School

The Dutch School is a community of innovative Dutch EdTech start-ups bringing everything the Netherlands has to offer with one ambition: Show what tech innovation can do for education! Our community consists of start-ups innovating in all aspects of teaching and learning in primary, secondary and higher education.


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