Where the story starts

The Summar.io story starts today. The ever-increasing pace of change in a world for which educators need to prepare each and every individual is placing new and urgent demands upon learning, re-learning and ultimately even un-learning.

Insights for Personalized Learning

Our approach to learning requires continuous improvement to meet the challenges of an unpredictable future, in a world that is undergoing accelerating change. Our educators have a duty of trust however; they need to differentiate between real improvements and simply “doing things differently”. We make no presumptions about the “best” approach to education. We aim to support all approaches and enable educators to implement incremental improvements based on sound information and judgments.

Life-Wide Learning

Education starts at home and in school, but our fast-changing world means that it doesn’t end here. By adopting open standards and enabling secure information exchanges between authorized educational organizations we can facilitate the secure exchange of relevant information regarding an individual’s education between e.g. schools, universities and any authorized organization involved in developing that individual’s potential.

Flexible Growth

As the world changes faster and the future becomes less predictable, we need to be agile in adapting to new circumstances and the demands these make on a person’s knowledge, understanding and abilities. Summar.io aims to empower educators to adapt their methods and approaches incrementally on a timely basis.


Summar.io was inspired by the desire to contribute to a world in which our young people achieve their maximum potential. It was originally formed as a joint venture between the Netherlands’ most renowned educational company and a technology company with a pioneering history of using open source technology to enable educational improvement. Our desire is to unmake a situation in which educators are constrained from implementing improvement because they rely on outdated, legacy systems.

Our vision

Our vision is simply that the central goal of learning, whether at school, at home or at work, is furthering the interests of each and every individual person and that educators and trainers should be able to dedicate themselves to pursuing this primary goal. The role of technology is to reduce the educator’s burden resulting from secondary, albeit necessary activities and to enable educational institutions in realizing improvements.

Our values

Whether we realize it or not, we are all stakeholders, sharing the need for a vibrant and effective education system. Summar.io was conceived on the basis of our success in introducing its predecessor: PulseOn, into the Dutch market. Our goal is that Summar.io makes a sustainable contribution to the never-ending challenge of continuous improvement. We aim to achieve our goal by working closely with, and listening carefully to, professional educators and institutions.

Summar.io is a consistent, easy-to-use and comprehensive system that unburdens educators and allows them to focus on education. It features open, international standards wherever possible and provides straightforward integration options where this is desirable. The only basis of “lock-in” pursued by Summar.io is simply because it is and will remain the best system available.



Privacy at School

Summar.io has signed the Privacy Education Convenant in order to help shaping privacy in education by ensuring the appropriate storage and security of personal data to enable schools to keep control and meet their obligations. This collaboration contributes to better privacy at schools.

Our Partners