• Learning taken personally

  • Insights in Learning

  • Life Wide Learning

Teaching people to learn

Our fast-changing world requires that we continually develop new skills and insights. Summar.io provides a personalized learning environment, that empowers each individual learner.

Motivation through Personalisation

Summar.io reflects the learning objectives, needs and preferences of the individual learner to provide a challenging and motivating learning environment.

The most suitable learning materials

The learning materials from a wide range of suppliers accessed and the most suitable is identified on a personalized basis. It is simple to add new, and enhance existing learning material.

"Each child has unique talents and needs and education should focus far more on this uniqueness and less on averages and norms. Our original research into how to tailor education to best suit individuals rapidly became an obsession for this “frustrated father” and became a personal campaign to help improve education. This campaign eventually resulted in Summar.io: a comprehensive, personalized learning environment."
Hans Bossenbroek CEO of Luminis International
"Summar.io is the first solution I have ever seen that implements what I need to create a motivating and effective personalized learning experience. Having worked with multiple platforms for K-12 and Higher education, this solution was the only one developed that assists the educator in serving the unique learning needs of individual students - nothing comes close!"
Dean Hunt School Principal and President at EMIT - Educating Minds Through Innovation and Technology