In 2009, when we released a number of early prototypes for supporting personalized learning, it was almost impossible to envisage the complex evolution that this development needed to undergo. The technology was subsequently released and used by schools under a variety of names, including “Leren-op-Maat”, PulseOn and Nextin. With the decision to withdraw PulseOn and Nextin from the market on 1st August 2016 a new phase is started in the learning platform’s life-cycle. The people who originally conceived of, designed and developed the learning platform will continue to develop and refine it; the new, 3rd generation learning platform known as will be available and used by a number of schools from the beginning of the new school year.

From 2013, the technology company Luminis and the educational publisher ThiemeMeulenhoff formed a joint venture: Lopexs, to bring the personalized learning platform known as PulseOn to the market. The following years were challenging, but in 2014, our efforts were rewarded with the IPON Innovation in Learning award. Unfortunately, despite this, it appeared that the Lopexs partnership was not robust enough to continue. After serious consideration and following intensive discussions with schools, teachers and students, Luminis concluded that the continued development and availability of personalized learning is important for education and that this resonates deeply with Luminis’ strategy. From August 2016, Luminis will make the platform available under the new name: is a digital learning platform, designed to support personalized learning strategies. It’s most important characteristics include:

  • An open strategy for learning content
  • Personalized learning paths
  • Comprehensive learning profile per student
  • Focus on self-directed and collaborative learning is Latin for summary or overview – an essential feature for supporting personalized learning with individual self-directed learning at its heart.


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