has signed the Privacy Education Covenant to contribute to better privacy at school. The Privacy Convenant places the responsibility for processing personal information with schools. has signed this agreement in order to help shaping privacy in education by ensuring the appropriate storage and security of personal data to enable schools to keep control and meet their obligations.

To get the best out of each and every student, teachers need insights into their learning path, performance and individual characteristics. provides a wealth of analytic information that provides in-depth insights and overviews regarding the development of individual students and groups. Because data regarding individuals and their personal performance are an important source of information for analyses, the security and privacy of such information has been designed and engineered into as a priority from its inception. has also been designed to incorporate the needs and new insights emerging from the educational sector and the Privacy Education Covenant is a good example of it.

The reliability and security of data regarding students and their achievements are the basis of this digital learning platform. applies the latest security technology, including the latest techniques for authenticating the identity of– and the authorization of users and devices to guarantee access to the learning platform and the privacy of all information that it stores and uses.


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